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Leadership Training Level 2
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Target Group: Young Leaders aged 16-19 wishing to develop leadership skills

Course delivery time: This is a residential 3 day programme


The aim of the course is to offer young volunteers from Ambition clubs and projects the opportunity to examine leadership in both theory and practice, examining their leadership potential using experiential learning.


During the course participants will:

  • Examine leadership theories and styles
  • Identify their own leadership qualities
  • Experience teamwork and leadership in practical situations
  • Explore the relationship between a team member and a team leader
  • Work closely with other young people to create a positive learning environment
  • Explore a number of review and feedback exercises, drawing on practical experiences
  • Further their own personal development and identify areas for continued development.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Grasp the basic concept of leadership styles and the leadership spectrum
  • Recognise the components of leadership, understanding the main factors which interact to affect a person’s capacity to lead
  • Pinpoint personal leadership qualities and embrace their leadership potential
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of a team member and team leader – recognising the relationship between the two
  • Understand and participate in experiential learning
  • Understand and experiment with review and feedback processes
  • Recognise factors which assist in creating a positive learning environment
  • Transfer these factors to create and maintain a positive learning environment for themselves, the group and in future situations.
  • Work towards an action plan which will assist with their future development
  • Demonstrate the ability to:
    • Communicate and organise a range of tasks
    • Co-operate with others
    • Undertake varying group roles
    • Listen, discuss and honestly share opinions and thoughts in an appropriate manner


A range of outdoor pursuits, problem solving and experiential learning opportunities will be provided to facilitate knowledge and understanding in the above areas. Practical opportunities will be complimented with discussion to review learning and insight gained.


Successful candidates completing the log book and practical tasks will receive a Open College Network West Midlands Certificate in Leadership at Level 2.